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Hi Everyone!

 Please list the following:
Name: Allison
Major: European History
Year: 3rd year Ph.D. student
Favorite food: Chocolate, Pasta and any kind of Mediterranean Cuisine.
Favorite physical activity: dance (I used to do jazz and tap) and walking up and down the hilly neighborhoods near my apartment.
Personal Well-Being Goals: To avoid the type 2 diabetes that runs in my family, lose some weight and keep the stress levels in check (which is difficult in grad school, but I'm up for the challenge!).

Add anything else you want to share about yourself!
I'm entering my comprehensive exams year which means more stress, but also more flexibility to cook well for myself and take care of myself . . . which is why I'm really glad that I found this group!  I'm hoping I can keep myself healthy while I study, which may give me more energy to study!  Good to meet you all!
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