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Anxiety management?

I understand this community is about healthy grads, and it seems like it focuses on physical upkeep (as well it should). But what about mental health?

I'm personally wondering how to deal with creeping-up anxiety, which I've noticed is a common theme amongst grad students. Myself; I'm a second year, terminal Master's student. I have a graduate assistantship, good grades, a great boyfriend, and I'm working on the fourth draft of my thesis, so I should feel secure in pretty much every place in my life. Health wise, I'm dealing with new found, severe allergies to peanuts and possible gluten (we find out officially tomorrow at the allergists!), but I'm otherwise great; I worked off the excess weight I gained here (which was not easy!) and I try to work out at least once a day for an hour or more.

But I keep feeling like I could be doing more. Does anyone else feel this way? If so, how do you deal with it? I always feel like there's a paper I need to work on (although its still early in the semester), something else to read, or something else I need to do that I haven't done yet, even though I'll look my calender up and down and see nothing to be done. 

I think this may also deal with the fact that I need to have an internship for this coming spring, and no one will even look at my resume until November.
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But I keep feeling like I could be doing more. Does anyone else feel this way?

If so, how do you deal with it?

I ignore it, which is probably *not* the healthiest way. I am looking forward to others' responses.
This is what I do and what helps me from being medicated.

My other method of coping is unconsciously grinding my teeth at work. My dentist is not happy.

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Well, I'm not sure I have any advice other than to small with ongoing minor anxiety before it causes bigger problems. I'm a fairly anxious person, I guess, and after some stressful times (I'm entering 3rd of my PhD) I've developed a full-blown anxiety disorder and am now on medication. I wonder if I could have avoided it if I had dealt with anxiety and stress better before.

I'm looking at getting back into yoga and maybe doing meditation. And I'm definately learning to not take on too much, and to say "no" to people when something is really not in my best interest (and to stop feeling so guilty about saying "no").
I meant to say "to DEAL with ongoing minor anxiety..." (I need to proofread before I click submit!).
I feel you. I felt that way when I was a first year MA student (now in my second year). It just felt like something was due... like I should be doing something!

Things might seem far off but can you work on some of those projects a bit now?

If you feel like you've got something to do but in reality you don't, then use the time for YOU time!