AdvanceBeginner (advancebeginner) wrote in healthygrads,


Please introduce yourself in an introduction post and tag it as such.
Please list the following:
Name: Shana
Major: current Psychology, soon to be Social Work
Year: I'm in my last semester of undergrad and I'm doing my grad school applications
Favorite food: Cheese
Favorite physical activity: I need to find one!
Personal Well-Being Goals: get involved in an exercise plan, improve my nutritional intake, use healthy stress management

Add anything else you want to share about yourself:  I am 24 and am in that crazy transition out of undergrad and to graduate school.  I've just been through some severe health issues and am learning to be healthy again.  I'm having a hard time finding communities that are about healthy living and not just weight loss so I look forward to getting to know you all! 
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