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Summer Challenge!

As the school year draws to an end and summer is within sight, I thought it would be a good time to start what I'm calling "Summer Challenge." This could be anything: eating better, sleeping 8 full hours every night, walking 20 minutes everyday, doing yoga, etc. What is your Summer Challenge?

Feel free to post your updates and accomplishments (or obstacles). Let's get this community going!

I've decided to embark on the Couch25K plan with my first 5K being in August. I like going to gym but I have always been so amazed by people who can jog or run for more than 5 minutes (which is about how long I can last). Just finished W1D1 of the plan and feel great!
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I think my summer challenge will be to get in 20 minutes of exercise every day.
I just finished W1D2. I don't have a race goal yet, but I do have some motivation to keep going through at least W2D3: 5 days in Yellowstone National Park at the end of June. I haven't been exercising at all for the past year, and I figure 2 weeks of intro level movement before I attempt some short (3-5mi) hikes in the park is better than none.

Do you know about couch_to_5k?
Thanks for the link!

Wow! That will be amazing! Jealous! I'm going camping next week and it's been awhile since I hiked so I am hoping that it won't be too much for me!

I just finished W4D1 and boy, it was hard!