andystarr (andystarr) wrote in healthygrads,

Transitioning to the Fall

I was wondering how everyone was doing this summer! Being productive, active, relaxing or freaking out about the upcoming semester?

I have been doing great. I recently lost 10 pounds through diet and exercise (though experiencing a bit of a hiccup as I recently discovered peanut butter cookie dough ice cream at Ben and Jerry's)! I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, drinking a couple water bottles a day, and just trying to stay active. I feel like it is easier to get into these sort of routines during the summer since I have more time and more fresh fruits and vegetables are available. I am hoping to keep it up when I start up again in the fall. As part of my program, I will be attending another university for a year. Not only do I have to deal with the stress of moving, being away from my partner, getting used to a new campus, taking classes and preparing for exams, I will also to find a new gym (I know they have one on campus), work out a new routine and try not to stress eat (seriously finding out about that new Ben and Jerry's flavor so not good).

I thought I would open this up to those who are in positions like me, or will be attending a new school in the fall, or those who are also worried about maintaining their summer routines. How will you transition your summer routines into the fall? Workout? Diet? Stressbusters? etc.
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