V (vogtalicious) wrote in healthygrads,

Facts and a question

Please list the following:
Name: Kristen
Major: Public Administration, focus on Museum Administration
Year: Second year of MPA
Favorite food: Pad thai, sushi, chocolate, and all sorts of berries and berry-oriented food
Favorite physical activity: Cycling, swimming, and kayaking (when I can!)
Personal Well-Being Goals: Compete in 'Sprint' style Triathalon by next Spring, get down to 155 lbs (I'm 5'11, this is my 'perfect' weight).

My question is simple; is it fairly common for graduate students to gain weight? I lost a ton of weight when I went to undergrad thanks to moving out to the West Coast and taking up water sports (I lost about 20 lbs, and about 3 pants sizes). When I came to graduate school in the Midwest last year, I put on about 10 lbs (lots of comfort eating and dropping my hour-a-day exercise routine), which was upsetting, simply because I didn't like the fact that I felt that I was turning back into my chubby teenage self. However, more and more people told me that my weight gain was nothing; some gained up to 60 lbs! One girl even confessed to wearing maternity clothes to hide herself, which shocked me. So, what's the average weight gain, if any, for those other grads out there?
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