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Please introduce yourself in an introduction post and tag it as such.
Please list the following:
Name: Rachael
Major: MFA in Creative Writing
Year: Starting my first year this fall
Favorite food: Sushi, just about anything involving starch, and I'm such a carnivore
Favorite physical activity: Bellydancing and running
Personal Well-Being Goals: I want to keep my jean size I got from Undergrad years. If I magically go down a size or two these next years I'll do a lil dance. Eating healthy-ish. Getting myself into a regular exercise routine while doing school.

Add anything else you want to share about yourself!

I've lived in various regions of the US.: South, MidWest-Southish (Oklahoma is a problem area on identifying this lol), East Coast, and now I'm living on the West Coast for the next two years. I'm notorious for the idea of "I don't need to go grocery shopping until I've eaten everything I bought". I want to get back to running a 7:28 mile. Anyone know of great places to run in the Oakland area? I know Golden Gate and Fisherman's Wharf are prime places in San Fran, but I'd like a place somewhat closer to home. I plan to rarely use my car. Public/school transportation woo!

Any suggestions for someone who is trying to figure out this whole "cooking" thing? Its generally understood "Rachael needs supervision while cooking so the house doesn't burn down", but starting this year I'll need to make sure I don't give myself salomenella or something. I'm looking into making those "30 Minute Meals" since my patience runs out for making food or I find I didn't plan for that hour in the oven, so I spend it salivating while I stare into the oven. Feel free to share any quick recipes you have!
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