Marcella (lyricon) wrote in healthygrads,


Please list the following:
Name: Marcella
Major: Art History
Year: 2nd year MA student, applying for Ph.D. programs.
Favorite food: Umm... avocados? Raspberries?
Favorite physical activity: Swimming and partner dancing
Personal Well-Being Goals: Begin exercising more regularly. I started a swim routine last fall, but when I combined the schedule of the lanes at my pool with my hectic just-started-grad-school schedule I failed. I'll be taking fewer classes this year, and am more accustomed to the requirements, so I'm hoping I can get an exercise routine in place again. Even just going just two or three times a week would be good.

Add anything else you want to share about yourself!

Hm... well, I was in the Navy for six years and did lots of exercise. I discovered that even when I do it frequently and am moderately good at it, I still hate running. I love swimming even when I'm totally out of shape and every lap is a struggle, so that seems to be a good way to stay healthy for me. Too bad it's slightly more complicated than just going out for a run. Maybe this community will help me to set and meet some realistic goals, though.

Also... I love to eat. And I'm really okay with that. I eat lots of healthy food (fruits and veggies, yum), and some unhealthy foods (extra cheese, please!). I'm not at all opposed to upping the ratio of healthy food in my diet, but I don't think I'm ever going to be satisfied by cutting things out completely. Instead, I think I need to spend more time exercising and try my best to make that part of my mental and physical healthiness.
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